An oblique impact crater

Halfway between the Benavedes structure, and that impactite we find this ovoid impact structure. The big kids tell me this can’t be a crater because oblique impacts are thought be the rarest of the rare. But I’ll stick to my guns. The crater is about 3 X 8 miles.

Taken in context with of the general southeast to northwest directional trend in most of the  other blast effects in the region, this structure is not anomalous at all. There is some limited sign of post impact, thermal ablation which puts it close, but not quite at the end of the cluster.   


And when we zoom in on the central uplift the planar fractures we see in the rock are a signature of terrific shock. The white line included for scale is one mile long.

Oval3 We see very little thermal modification of the fractured rock of the central uplift. This would indicate this fragment was among the last to fall.


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