A Crater a Day

When I first started with all this, my intention was to see if I could figure out a better way to scope out new, undocumented craters, or likely places to go meteorite hunting. I didn’t do so well at first. But ironically, when I quit looking for new craters, and started focusing on identifying formations of airburst melt, I began to find too many new craters to count…

Literally too many to count. And a little bit of everything in between. Even if I had the funding, I could never visit them all. I need help. So over the next few weeks, I am going to post a few new craters a day, in the hope that someone might live close enough, or have interest enough, to go get a closer look. Each place will be presented as is. And with little, or no comments. I may not be able to go there, and do field work. But I can still point, and grunt. You be the judge.

Don’t surprised if you find others nearby any given crater. Few of them fell alone.

Each day when I change craters, I’ll archive previous craters. The  archive can be viewed at Daily Craters.


Nov 15, 2010

sql1005 This one is a little different. It’s about 38 miles southeast of Moriarty, NM at 34.594661, -105.637092



sql1040 This group is just outside Vaughn NM, at 34.648898, -105.148018




sql1016 About 1 1/4 miles south of HWY 247 at 34.133406, -105.098351





Nov 14, 201o

The best place to hide a tree is a forest. And the best place to hide a multiple fragment, crater field is in karst. A uniformitarian geologist who does not believe in catastrophic, multi-fragment, impact storms won’t even look twice.

sql1050 But the 750 meter wide, two rimmed crater at 33.902876, -105.526987 was most certainly not produced by the collapse of a karst cavern.



sql1051 And karst collapses don’t have raised rims either. Like the craters at 33.887450, -105.480889




sql1052 Or those at 33.959417, -105.361296





Nov 9, 2010

sql1036 In the Odessa group at 31.617601, -102.271674





sql1037 31.788219, -102.153964





sql1038 31.712268, -102.168449






Nov 8, 2010

Football1 This one is about 20 mile west, northwest of Roswell, New Mexico at, 33.499371, -104.853076



Football2 At 33.499061, -104.843313, about 900 meters to the east.





Nov 7, 2010

sql992This one’s in the Odessa group about 7 miles northeast of Rankin Texas, at 31.314249, -101.878828



sql990 Also in the Odessa group, 35 miles northeast of Midland, Texas at, 31.602771, -101.683570



sql967 And 38.5 miles south of Midland, Texas at, 31.436845, -102.117032




sql974 This multi-lobed  crater is about five miles north of that one at, 31.523146, -102.019700





Nov 6, 2010

sql1007 Here’s another nice one in southern New Mexico at 32.398702, -104.621465




sql1012 Near there at 32.394320, -104.629412




sql1010 They’re part of a group of craters. This one’s at 32.387411, -104.664664




sql1011 And here’s a wider view of the group.





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