Geoglyphs and Bomb Targets

During world war two there were numerous bombing ranges in New Mexico that add another level of confusion to any research into possible cluster impact events. Because any small crater, or depression we see in New Mexico must be ruled out as a bomb crater first. You can see a typical example of the giant geoglyphs they used as bombing targets at 33.335478, -103.757649.


Note the Nazi swastika in the bulls eye of the target. But it’s the crater beside, and the others near it, that concerns us, not the target.

First of all, they used non-explosive practice bombs for almost all of those bombing runs. The only time live ordinance was used in practice bombing was when they needed to test the effectiveness of the bombs.

But note the size of that crater. At more than 200 meters diameter, it’s too darn big. If we had bombs capable of that kind of damage, we had better things to do with them then blowing big holes in the desert. And there are thousands like that. All over west Texas, and eastern New Mexico.

Look closely. It was there before the target was made. That’s no bomb crater folks.


And neither are the others with it.CratersAndGlyphs

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